eTwinning Plus in Azerbaijan


    Azerbaijan together with other 5 countries has joined eTwinning Plus project in 2013. The grant project has the following advantages for the education system of the Azerbaijan Republic:

  • Students have opportunities to get acquainted with the tradition, living style and culture of partnering countries by communicating with foreign students in the existing eTwinning network;
  • Teachers gain methods of learning new skills and knowledge without leaving the schools;
  • Teachers have opportunities to participate in international training and courses on their professional development;
  • Teachers participate in international courses on the evaluation of students;
  • Teachers and students get experience on the use of media and internet resources
  • Teachers and students get different international certificates and awards.

    Overall, more than 200 schools joint eTwinning in Azerbaijan. There are more than 600 projects realized by more than 550 Azerbaijan teachers in eTwinning portal. For joining the project you can use the application forms for school and teacher on the home page of this website. The Bureau on ICT for Education is responsible for registering the schools in Azerbaijan.