Participation in foreign trips


    There are lots of opportunities for teachers to participate in onsite trainings, conferences and professional development courses in eTwinning. These kind of onsite trainings are organized in one of the member countries and they usually last for 2-3 days. All costs of the trips are met by the budget of eTwinning grant project signed by the Bureau on ICT for Education. The participant elections are held in 2 levels. Each eTwinner with the following features can apply for the first level:

  • Act as an eTwinner for at least 1 year;
  • Have at least 5 projects (active and closed together);
  • Have certain communication skills in English;
  • Have the ability of working in eTwinning portal.

     Based on this features PSA defines the initial score for each applicant. Teachers with certain initial score are invited to the interview with the working group established under the Ministry of Education. Selected teachers become eligible to participate in onsite training respectively.

    For application please see the link.