Partner Support Agency


    Partner Support Agencies are created for the purpose of support participating schools, teachers and students, provide them with technical and pedagogical help. Since 2016, the Bureau on ICT for Education is designated as a partner Support Agency for eTwinning Plus in Azerbaijan. So, the first agreement of the project is signed on July 25, 2016 by the Bureau on ICT for Education.

    The Bureau was founded in 2008 by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The mission of the bureau is to increase appliance of ICT in education. Bureau on ICT for Education promotes professional development for teachers and makes innovation in learning for secondary school level. It enables educators to introduce the XXI Century Learning into the classrooms. Bureau supports teachers and administrative staff of schools through a diverse range of ICT equipment that promotes problem and project-based approaches and interactive teaching methodologies. Bureau’s function is to help the educators to explore creative ways of teaching through:

  •  Providing training for the professional development of teachers, by increasing their ICT skills;
  • Supplying ICT equipment, which enables teachers to create the suitable environment for interactive lessons;
  • Holding different competitions, which increase teacher’s enthusiasm for teaching and also developing themselves. For more info please visit the website

        Contact person - Fidan Najafova (, +99412 5650237 dax.2019)