"The most creative project" teacher competition is launched.

"The most creative project"  teacher competition is launched.

 Within the framework of the "eTwinning" project, the competition for "The most creative project of the year" on the topic "Education in a different learning environment" is launched.

The main goal of the competition is to develop a joint educational project involving at least 2 European countries within the framework of the "eTwinning" project and to develop international cooperation. "eTwinning" teachers can join the competition. The requirements for participation in the competition are as follows:

• The theme of the project should correspond to the annual theme of "eTwinning" and should focus on pedagogical innovation and modern teaching methods;

• The plan, purpose and expected results of the project should be clearly reflected;

• Teachers from at least 2 European countries should be involved in the project;

• The project should be based on the national curriculum;

• Student research should be included in project activities and planning;

• Application of information technologies in the project should be clearly visible.

Acceptance of projects to participate in the competition will be carried out on November 4-30. The teacher filling out the application form (https://forms.office.com/r/zi4fEDxi9U) must be the founder of the project. The application form is open until November 30 at 23:59.

It should be noted that the project leader who won the competition will be awarded at the regional conference held this year.

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