A regional conference was held in Ganja.

A regional conference  was held in Ganja.

On December 13-15, 2021, a three-day regional conference on “Technical Education Model in Projects” was held in Ganja as part of the “eTwinning Plus” project.

The opening ceremony was attended by Anar Gadimaliev, Head of the Ganja City Education Department, Fidan Najafova, eTwinning Azerbaijan Project Coordinator, and 55 teachers from different regions of Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the conference on "Technical Education Model in Projects" was to ensure the implementation of ICT in education for teachers in the region, project-based education and project development in the regions. At the same time, the organization of various trainings and discussions for teachers to develop their skills in the XXI century is also reflected in the agenda.

During the 3-day conference, various trainings and discussions were organized on the successful project model, project creation and planning on the platform, integration of project topics into the national curriculum. The trainings were conducted by local specialists.

55 teachers from 15 regions of Azerbaijan took part in the conference on “Technical Education Model in Projects”. As a result of the conference, 29 projects were created.

It should be noted that our country has been participating in the eTwinning Plus project since 2013. The project is part of the European Comission’s Learning Programme.  The main goal of the project is to increase communication between pedagogical staff from 44 European countries participating in the program, to create opportunities for cooperation, as well as to create conditions for the implementation of various projects for the development of joint education. The project has so far implemented 4,017 educational projects with the participation of 3,765 teachers from 1,027 schools in our country, achieved many high international achievements and competed at the same level with European countries.


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