Student competition on “Media Literacy”

Student competition on “Media Literacy”

eTwinning Azerbaijan launches a student – competition.

The video competition starts from 10th December  and dedicated to the 2021 Etwinning theme  “ Media Literacy “.

With the competition on “Media Literacy” eTwinning Azerbaijan recognizes and appraises the involvement, commitment and dedication of students. In the meantime, if your student has this creative skill involve and promote the competition.



·         The topic of the video should cover the following :

a)    How detect Fake News

b)    Avoidance from disinformation

c)    Reliable sources

d)    Inconsistency of titles with text

·         The length of the video should not be more than 4 minutes

·         The language of the video should be English

·         Video should have an eTwinning logo

·         Only application in team is acceptable

·         The team should consist of not more than 7 people

·         The role of each student in a team should be clear

·         The team can consist of different age group, but should be from the same school. There is no limitation for the number of teams from 1 school.

·         The school of the team should be the member of eTwinning

·         The video should be created by students only. It is not recommended to contact the professional and non-team members involved in the video, casting, assembly and design.



Those who are interested in the competition please send the following information to, before 30th of January 2021.

1.    Video

2.    Parents’ consent letter

3.    Information on the team members

Only 1 application is accepted per team.


Good luck!

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