eTwinning launched eTwinning school label

eTwinning launched eTwinning school label

    eTwinning is broadening its scope from teachers to schools. Last month eTwinning School Label was launched, and since then over 2600 schools have passed Stage 1.

    Stage one was the preliminary application screening for the eTwinning schools label, and the teachers of the successful schools received an email to apply for stage 2. For a limited time we have an appeal period until the 19th January 2018!

    If your school is eligible but you have not received an email or have not a visible link on your eTwinning Live, please contact your National Support Service (NSS) before 19 January 2018 for a review. If, for some reason, your school has missed the opportunity but is identified as eligible by the NSS, there will be another chance to apply for Stage 1 screening process on the 20 January 2018.

    Stage 2 involves completion – by any eTwinner in the school – of the self-assessment application form covering six criteria.

    The application period will run until March 2018. The list of schools that passed Stage 1 from Azerbaijan is as follows:

  • School-lyceum # 220, Baku
  • Baku European Lyceum
  • School #1, Sumgait
  • School #26, Sumgait
  • Tafakkur Lyceum, Sumgait
  • School #1, Ismailli
  • School # 5, Ismailli

    Good luck to all schools!

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